our plan of impact

Truth Spring Academy is Providing Real Solutions to Real Problems.


Problem # 1: Disconnect between school & Family.


Typically, families in blighted neighborhoods are not usually directly involved in their child’s education, which leads to a disconnect between child and family and family and school. This often results in a student having a poor identity with school and not being able to grasp the value of an education.

Our Solution: Create a School Culture that Involves the Entire Family.

Truth Spring Academy is specifically designed to teach at-risk students by creating a school culture and maintaining expectations that involve the entire family.  This is done because we understand societal issues start in the home. Parents are integrally involved within the culture of our school: When students struggle with our rigorous structure, parents are part of the support system.  They attend conferences in which they are presented strategies to help their children at home.  Parents are also asked to “shadow” the classroom teacher so that they can see a healthy model of disciplinary interactions with their children.  Parents are required to volunteer at the school and help with homework.  The students know that their parents are a united front alongside the school. This serves to build a healthy identity with the school for both the parent and the student. 

“I have been offered a better foundation as to how to discipline my children through the strategies I have received from the school staff.”

— A Truth Spring Parent


Problem # 2: Student Behavior.


Because of the breakdown of the home and the fact that there is a disconnect between child and family and family and school, behavior problems are acute.

Our Solution: Behavioral Ownership

Everything at Truth Spring Academy hinges on teaching our students to take responsibility for their behavior. The scripture below guides our behavioral management system for the school: “For a command is a lamp, teaching is a light, and corrective discipline is the way to life.” (Proverbs 6:23).  At Truth Spring Academy we start by first teaching students what is expected of them.  Throughout the entire school year, students are informed of these expectations every day.  Behavioral ownership is key to our success as a school because we believe that "The solutions we find to overcome our weaknesses as children become our strengths as adults" (Simon Sinek).  We want all of our students to one day be adults who are adding to the quality of our neighborhood, not taking from it, and behavioral ownership allows that to take place.


Problem #3: Sobering Statistics.


According to national statistics, 85% of all juveniles who interface with the juvenile court system are functionally low-literate (reading below a 3rd grade level).

Our Solution: Stellar Staff and Rigorous Academic Programs

Currently, all are of our teachers are currently certified in their grades and they each have Master’s Degrees. In addition to the credentials, they all have prior experience teaching in their current grade level.  We are using a strong academic arsenal producing strong results.