Applying at Truth Spring Academy

Enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year is now open. For additional information, please contact us. Thank you.

Interest Form

Please complete this form first. By completing this form, we are able to quickly inform you of availability. Once we inform you of our availability, then the next step would be for you to complete the application packet.

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Child's Birthday
Child's Birthday


(Please complete the Interest Form first.) Applications are also available online. Please complete and submit by emailing to: Rob Strickland. Your application will be reviewed once it has been received. Submitting an application does not secure a slot for a student. You will be contacted and informed regarding the outcome.

PHONE Number


Please call us if you have questions.

Below is a list of all required documents to be collected during Registration:

  • Copy of the child’s birth certificate

  • Copy of last year’s Tax Return

  • Updated Immunization Record

  • Copy of the child’s Social Security Card

  • Copy of any and all Legal Documents (custody orders, power of attorney, etc.) if applicable

  • Copy of Most Recent Report Card (Not Required For Kindergarten Applicants)

  • Completed School Registration Packet

  • Transportation, Media, & Field Trip Release Form

  • Records Release Form (Not Required For Kindergarten Applicants)