An Overview of Ways to Support Us

Truth Spring Academy is a school located within the North Highland neighborhood, in Columbus, GA.  We are an ACSI Member school that provides students an education that is designed to align our students with their God-given destinies.


Grade 5 Startup


Truth Spring Academy is developing a 5th grade class. Please consider supporting this effort.

Classroom Materials


Truth Spring Academy appreciates those who are willing to provide us school supplies. These materials help us serve our students. For more info, click below. 




Our Volunteer Team is the strongest "force for good" ever assembled on the planet.  We are so thankful for each of you who take part and, if you're new, thank you for considering joining our team.

Truth Spring, Inc


Truth Spring Academy is a branch of Truth Spring, Inc. To make a general donation, click the button below.  Thank you for your support.