Volunteers are an essential piece to our success.


We LOVE volunteers at Truth Spring Academy. This is because we have BIG dreams and BIG plans for each child that attends the school and bringing those plans and dreams to life requires all of us working together.  Some of the ways we love to use volunteers are:

Skill Sessions

This program is an opportunity for volunteers to serve our students, one-on-one, for one hour a week, under the direction of their classroom teachers. In this hour, the teacher will provide you, and your student, with a reading, writing, or math task to complete. With your help, we can provide our students with an educational experience designed with unique needs in mind. We believe this will allow each child to continue to thrive in their academic progress.

Breakfast for a day 

Providing a breakfast for a day is a tremendous blessing. Picking up pizza or grabbing some hamburgers for us puts smiles on our faces. You may also help us by serving within our regularly scheduled meal times, too. The food is already prepared and cooked, but we would love volunteers from the community to come serve it.  

Field Trips

Put together a field trip.  So often children living in poverty never get to experience life beyond the streets of their own neighborhood.  But so much learning comes through what we experience, and we want our kids to experience all that life has to offer. We’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts on ways that we could allow our students to have some of those experiences. 


Thank you!

We appreciate your willingness to be part of the Truth Spring Family.  For more info, please complete this form to begin the process.

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