Educational Approach


At Truth Spring Academy, we believe in challenging our students academically by raising the bar of what is expected of them, while continuing to affirm and encourage them to rise to meet the challenge. Our aim is to teach our students based on Biblical principles that address the nature of the learner and learning itself, the nature of truth and authority, and what is truly important to learn and remember.

We also believe in a "living curriculum."  This is typically not part of any written curriculum but stands equal, in its importance.  The life of the teacher, teacher and student relationships, discipline, and discipling are all part of the living curriculum.  Teachers must understand how to constructively develop and foster healthy relationships with their students. The result is that the child is able to see a clear path forward for their personal development. The process of a Christian education is CHANGED LIVES CHANGING LIVES, not just the sharing of ideas and skills.  Christian education has as its core goal: LIFE CHANGE.

This Proverb is a terrific overview of our Educational Philosophy.

"For a command is a lamp, teaching is a light, and corrective discipline is the way to life" (Proverbs 6:23).

  • The Command

We hold to the fact that the Word of God (Commands) is our source for life. We aim to direct our students toward God's Word within all of our instruction.

  • The Light

Teaching kids how to use the lamp to guide themselves through life is our most critical role.

  • Corrective Discipline

We want our students to realize that maintaining a repentant heart results in us knowing the favor of God and security for our lives, throughout all circumstances and seasons.  We hope to create an environment in which our students desire the Lord's Word and His discipline, which leads to life.